I was very excited one day before I presented the homework I had to offer in front of 60 people at the university and against people I never knew. Because after I gave my speech, all students and lecturers will criticize me as much as every sentence, maybe they will laugh while I stutter, or worse, I would be infamous against a crowded girls’ community. I wrote the subject that I had to explain the day before, as a summary on a piece of paper and after a day, I came across the critics by applying the tactics I will tell you. When I started to explain, I observed that everyone was looking at me and watching me as if they were learning something. At the end of my presentation, I was praised and received little negative criticism. I gave satisfactory responses to criticism. Of course, I was excited at the beginning of my presentation, but I beat this in a very short time. I can say that I feel like the boss of the ratio in my presentation by sitting in my hand in the pocket and looking at the eyes of the audience.

Every person wants to talk in public, express their opinions, rest, but this may not always happen. You are unwilling to hesitate. The reason for this is the fear of humiliation and humiliation in front of the society. While some people sing like a nightingale with people A, they sit suspicious in front of people B. The basis for this is the lack of self-confidence. The fact that the person who sees A people closer to him sees B people superior to him is the most hidden reason for this lack of self-confidence. I say secret because people may not realize who sees it better than himself. For example, you can involuntarily behave self-esteemly towards someone who has a higher level of education and culture than you can see them before you realize them. There is an exact method to overcome this. If you do what I have listed, you will have overcome your fear.

1- First of all, summarize your speech and start talking by opening your phone’s camera. Never turn off your camera in your mistakes. Correct your mistakes live as if someone is listening to you.

2- First, get a paper and a pencil. Write down the negative situations you will encounter, whichever society you will speak. For example, you can stutter or talk nonsense or forget what you will talk about. Write your reactions to these negative situations.

3- Make affirmations to yourself and believe in that there is no good speaker before the public who has not been excited, made mistakes, or forgot that they will speak. People who have overcome these situations have already been a good speaker.

Affirmation description:

  • I’m a person and I can make mistakes
  • The mistakes I make do not show that I am worthless and cannot succeed.
  • Mistakes that I will make will open up my next speeches.
  • People need to tell not my mistakes, so they won’t care about what they don’t need.
  • I am precious and nothing reduces my value.
  • I love myself, so the negative criticism of others cannot disrupt my self.
  • When I start talking, the audience gets attention and it makes me feel good.
  • My voice is strong calm and alive as I speak.
  • People accept my ideas because they realize the integrity and honesty of my ideas.
  • I listen to others talking and I learn from them. I can easily see the main point.
  • I speak comfortably and fluently with my skill and mastery.
  • As I start your speech, I am warm-hearted to my audience and feel friendly and they reflect the same feelings to me.

4- Don’t be a perfectionist. I must be very good while speaking. It is the obstacles that you put in front of you for the thoughts that should be my best speech. You focus on the simplest to start talking. Keep your speech simple and ordinary. Work happy, do not try to laugh and entertain anyone. Give me the main idea to give so much… Anyone who wants to be a perfectionist in their speech starts to speak with the motive of appreciation and the result results in negative situations such as excitement. There is no reason for your liking, appreciation, because those who are like this are people with weak character.

5- Have a paper or pencil on hand. But one dimension will be an auxiliary support.

6- If you have trouble speaking with a friend, know that your expectations and your work will even strengthen your mistakes. It is for people who criticize others before they speak. Know that there are more worthless people than using your data. Because even if the examination of your mature people is absurd, they listen and respond to their speech. It does not bind you to criticize your immature.

7- Conditions where you use your personality weakly when you speak, who give you the opposite answer and say that you have told it before. This cannot disrupt your motivation because you become stronger by criticizing and making mistakes. Destructive criticism that you make the size of weak personality elements. You will already see that the beautiful and non-breaking response you will make will make you more valuable.

8- Read many books and read aloud. Reading audiobooks will increase your oratory power and restore your self-confidence.

9- It is necessary to understand the necessity of things such as voice tremor, sweating and stuttering that occur in your speech.

Another aspect of the difficulty of speaking within the community is to keep quiet in the small talk community or your friend or not to be able to express yourself constantly. In this case, there is an error under the living. In some environments, use it that does not concern you and is not of your interest, you do not want to speak anyway. While your fun friends talk about entertainment venues, dance and music, you may be interested in science and art. This can restrict your speech in those environments. This is not the case you don’t need to be able to speak in public. This is not something to be stuck on. Maybe you may be on a page below your level ?

As a result, every person will be able to speak comfortably in public. As long as there are people who are mature and characterful to listen to you…

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Written by ozkance


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